Mental e-Fresh! @ The CA Shack

Mental e-Fresh! @ The CA Shack

Welcome to Mental e-Fresh! @ The CA Shack

"It's time to check Your Mentals."

About Us

Mental e-Fresh is S.A.F.E. (safe, affordable, feasible, and exclusive). We are a Mental Health Warehouse with counseling on demand tools, news, & inner-attainment at your finger tips.

Y U Should Join Us.

We creatively help you see to embrace the flip-sided beauty of thoughts, patterns, and behaviors associated with your ugly truths.

Thank U.

A big thanks and appreciation extends to Psychology Today for the amazing partnership/platform that helped to introduce and expand our reach. 

"Innovation is pointed towards the beautiful flip-side of COVID-19 in the year of 2020 for aiding in the birth of a new-normed practice and flow for many of us".

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